Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog Mistake

My blog seriously messed up. I had to create a new one. I think that it still has the same web address and all that. I do not have amazing computer skills or anything. So hopefully this worked!!

The Prank

So, in working with the youth, we at occasions have lock ins or sleep overs. We have taken to separating the guys and girls (due to issues in the past and so that we can relax a little and not be on constant alert). So last Friday night we took the kids bowling and then the guys stayed in the church building and the girls came over to our house. Usually when this happens the girls play some sort of prank on me. So this time, I was prepared (or so I thought). One of the girls that stayed over works at a law firm and has access to alot of shredded paper. So she got six huge garbage bags full and through excellent planning, put it in the "head pranksters" car. I was so proud of myself, ready with a plan, ready with the camera. Well about 3 or 4 I retired to my bedroom. During this time the girl (Rachel) went to her car to get a drink and found the paper.

Quick sidebar, Rachel has a very easy going personality, loves jokes and pranks and I knew she would take the prank well, I just did not HOW WELL!!

So she comes in the house and stupid me, I always put my keys in the same spot and she knows this. Well she got ahold of my keys and moved the paper from her car to mine. It was awesome! I was so proud of her!

In return, I scooped up a bunch of it and woke her up by dumping it on her. Needless to say, we both took our cars out for a good cleaning!! I have pictures of her car and mine after she moved the paper, she has pictures of her and her sister moving the paper, I will try to get ahold of those and post them as well.

Cherry Blossoms

So this is the design that I have settled on. I am very happy with it. I wanted to share with everyone my reasoning for my decision on the cherry blossom tattoo.
In Japanese culture the cherry blossom signifies the transitory nature of life. The beauty that can come out of something cold and dreary. Cherry blossoms bud out in the dead of winter and it has been said that Japanese soldiers would stop their fighting and pilaging to take in the beauty of the flowers.
There are things that have been going on in my life lately that have changed my entire world. I have felt lost, confused, deeply hurt, and hopeless at times. And then I came across this tidbit of information. And I felt slapped in the face. How often do we get wrapped up in our lives and the despair the world can heap upon us and we forget the beauty God has put in our lives. We need to stop our fighting and just take in the beauty that is God. When we are at rock bottom He always provides us with something to lift our spirits. We just have to open our eyes and be willing to see. I have felt so touched and inspired and so the cherry blossom tattoo is born.